Just one word: MANGA!

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This guy is wearing a mangatanga … hopefully nobody knows …

So Susli, The Book of Wisdom-te, Part 7, Chapter 18: “Dalinga was fighting Dango, the Dragon. Who was the winner? Who was the winner? Yeaaaaah …!”

Unleashed: NEW PICS!!!

Here you see Dajango the Mango, the frightful Rightful of the Eastern Peninsula before his fight against the Evilbad Titan of the Underworld 5 – awesome!!!

In this one Dalingam the Balingam gives you a secret smile (one you can’t see! watch it live!) after he had been converted into a Soft Green Lantern by a juicy streambeam from the dark side of the outerspace without limitations – WOW!!!

(Or was it just a fruitcake? In that case … what fruit are we talking about? Hmmm …)

Official statement by a GUEST:
Tamara Banakara, the hidden beauty beneath the Dragon Sea: KIWI! It’s a KIWI!


Yes, it was a genetically modified kiwi, a next-gen fruit mix with a love-essence from … HELL!!!

This is Dalifinga, the Monster-Godzilla-Freak from South Beach. He is bigger than you! Much bigger! And sooooo baaaaaad ….

Don’t worry! This is Dajung, the younger brother of Dajong, the Masterful, from the Majongo-Clan!!! He is a brave hero who fought in the Clon-San-Wars, ages ago … He will stand up against the army of the Zombie-Vampires, make Dalifinga scream and bring peace and happiness to the world. Yet … he is alone in his fight … Who will join him? Who?????????

YES! Chris-chen-Soo has joined!! Her magical powers are beyond imagination!!! She is commander of the Northern Alliance, a fight club founded by the legendary Fan-ji in order to eat all fruit cakes of the Western hemisphere!!!!! Oh my … The time has come …. the final battle is about to begin …


BOOOM: Dajumbo sidekicked Dajunga – right in the face!! Gross! In that moment you could feel the mountains tremble!

BOOOM BACK: Dajunga fragged Dajumbo with his fist! Oh no! Oh yes! Now Dajumbo trembled like a wasted gibbon! This was the moment when Dajumbo renamed himself and is known as Dajimba the Qualinga from this time on! Why? Who knows? The fight didn’t have anything in common with our story anyway. It was a good fight, though …


LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! We believed this would be the end of our story! But no, it was re-started again! Because, because … because SHE came along!

This is STEFI-ka, the Learning Machine with human Interface who wants to know everything. She heard of our story – which is really aaaaawesome – and now she became part this mega-giga-party-luve-ya-all-hdgdldd-robo-event. What is she doing? What is she doing? Well, right now she’s transforming her face into something that looks like a face. Why? And what will happen next???? We don’t know …. But it will be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! …. !!!!!!!!!! stay tuned ….

No words …

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Press …

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Why? And what? Have you noticed? Apparently not … So let me be clear on this: YES! That’s all I say. Be honest to yourself. Ok? I knew it. I knew it!

It’s only words …

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Oh yeah, and some Dali … obviously …